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Giving you the power to educate

At EarthWalk our mission is to deliver tools that make the management of K-12 technology in the classroom efficient, saving valuable time and funds. EarthWalk mobile computer carts streamline the process of transporting, securing and charging technology devices in all learning environments. Our patented computer charging and extended-life battery solutions help power your 1:1 deployments and standardized testing.

EarthWalk provides technology solutions to thousands of school districts in the United States, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and the Middle East. What we have: carts for Chromebooks, carts for laptops, carts for iPads and tablets, AC adapter-free charging, high-efficiency charging…and so much more.

And our products are built to order—customized for your individual computing devices, budget and technology challenges.

Contact an EarthWalk Solutions Specialist to see how we can address your needs. CLICK HERE to find a rep in your area for more information.

Some of the educational tools we offer:

Standardized testing

Testing and Assessments

Find out how EarthWalk helps schools easily comply with all-day and online testing requirements.


Tech Talk image

K-12 Tech Talk

Compiled news and topics being discussed, blogged or tweeted as it relates to educational technology.


1 to 1 Deployment: students with devices

1-to-1 Deployment

Are you planning or implementing some sort of 1:1 device initiative? How can EarthWalk help?

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