If you’re a business that wants to give back to the community, you can position your brand as well as fund technology in K-12.

COWS for Kids logoWhat are C.O.W.s?

Computers on Wheels…or C.O.W.s, as many of our school children have so aptly named them, are mobile computer carts. EarthWalk pioneered the C.O.W.s for Kids program to solve several challenges schools were facing—bringing computers into overcrowded classrooms with very limited power access and diminishing budgets. The solution: deploying branded C.O.W.s.

C.O.W.s for Kids is a socially responsible advertising campaign providing a footprint that reaches thousands of students, parents, and educators in the K-12 and the higher education demographic. Our workforce of tomorrow needs to be skilled in technology today. The more they are exposed to I.T. the more their skill sets expand… and your corporate impression will follow these future consumers throughout their formidable school years and beyond.

Sponsors’ brands (i.e.: ads) are printed on the same durable vinyl “skins” you see on commercial vehicles, then placed on the mobile computer lab carts in classrooms. The C.O.W.s for Kids Program is flexible and designed to fit any advertising budget. You can sponsor one C.O.W. or a herd…your generous contribution, large or small, will ensure that schools  in need have access to technology and carry your inspiring message for years to come.

Your brand is placed on an empty C.O.W.—replacing schools’ worn-out carts.  These new energy-efficient carts are configured to secure and charge existing laptops.

The Gift that Keeps on Giving

By sponsoring a C.O.W. through customized branding your organization will realize the following benefits:

  • Your brand and corporate message will reach new and future consumers for years to come
  • Positive exposure and support of the general public
  • Exposure in a new marketing arena
  • Cost-effective, long-term advertising
  • Potential for strategic public relations event for your C.O.W. donation
  • Achievement of corporate social responsibility goals
  • Helping children access the tools necessary to compete in the global economy

We invite your company to be a part of our C.O.W.s for Kid’s Campaign. Together we can help supply students and teachers throughout the world with the right tools needed to level the playing field. Let your voice be heard and your goodwill be seen, while at the same time investing in our childrens’ future.

EW cart art: language lab

For more information, call (703) 393-1940

For customized cart art for your schools, visit our Specialty Items page and see the “Cart Art” tab. Add your school logo, a specific subject or any other colorful imagery to make your carts stand out. Choose to customize the entire cart or just one or two doors.