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New HE-Z Technology

EarthWalk’s latest charging solution saves you time and money. The main connectors for each device are hard-wired into the cart. No matter which devices you have, utilize device-specific connectors that fit into hardwired sockets. Easy to upgrade devices, no tools necessary, no adapters needed and compatible with all data/energy connectors including USB-C.  Find a rep to get more info.

H-EZ charging system flyer

EarthWalk Product is UL Listed

C-US-UL-Listed logoMay 1, 2017—Underwriters Laboratories (UL) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to public safety. According to their website: “UL is a world leader in product safety testing and certification. For more than 100 years, manufacturers have had their merchandise evaluated and tested for safety risks by an independent, third-party safety certification organization.” In April, EarthWalk received notification that our MiniMax line of computer carts had been evaluated by UL and meets applicable safety standards.

We have submitted information to UL for additional products to be reviewed.

We’ve Come So Far in the Past 20 Years!

EarthWalk is proud of the accomplishments we’ve made over he past two decades, providing educators and students the tools they need to succeed. We couldn’t have gotten to this benchmark anniversary without people like you! Thank you!

Celebrating 20 years of Technology Innovation

Infographic Showing the Relevance of Technology in 21st Century Classrooms

Data collected from various sources and compiled by Open Colleges. Larger image can be found on this link.

21st Century Classroom

Video: Benefits of EarthWalk’s High-Efficiency Charging

For more information (or if you’re starting to look at budgets), contact your EarthWalk rep or email us here.

New Products

ChromeCart Series illustration

ChromeCart Series of fixed and mobile solutions specifically geared towards Chromebooks. Storage for 16-45 devices, with some models having a shelf and optional storage bins. This series can also accommodate most Ultrabooks, Netbooks and Tablet devices.

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