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EarthWalk’s eXpress Case–20F:
Rugged, Portable and Secure
Lab Solution for Devices on the Go

The rugged eXpress model 20F is a go-anywhere, instant computer lab solution that can accommodate up to 20 full size computer devices with screen sizes up to 17″.  eXpress offers maximum durability and numerous charging and configuration options. The easy-to-deploy, waterproof, mobile lab is safe for air travel and built to last.

Supports: eXpress 20F Operating system logos

eXpress 20F Spec Sheet  arrow icon

Exterior Case Dimensions

  • Height: 45.7 cm / 18”
  • Width: 72.4 cm / 28.5”
  • Depth: 85.1 cm / 33.5”
  • Weight: Approx.* 24.9 kg / 55 Ibs.

* Empty weight—actual weight determined by configuration of system

Device Slot Dimensions

  • Height: 3.3 cm / 1.3″
  • Width: 43.2 cm / 17”
  • Depth: 25.4 cm / 10”

Configuration Options

Charging Systems

Integrated AC Charging (model EXPR-20F-AC)
For budget-minded consumers, eXpress labs can be configured with 20 AC Outlets for use with each device’s AC adapter. System is configured with a 15 Amp circuit breaker. NOTE: Simultaneously charging 20 higher powered devices could possibly overload the 15 Amp circuit breaker. Depending on the electrical draw of the devices you are deploying, it may be recommended to upgrade to a managed power system. Consult your EarthWalk solution specialist for details.

AC-SMART Managed AC Charging System (model EXPR-20F-ACS)
Higher capacity systems can be configured with EarthWalk’s Digital AC-SMART Switching system. This system can auto-sense and manage the amount of electrical power required by each device’s AC adapter and safely switch between groups of devices to prevent overloading the electrical circuit. The digital smart switching system will monitor and continue increasing the number of devices that are being simultaneously charged to help shorten the total lab charging cycle.

HE-Z – High Efficiency Charging System (model EXPR-20F-HE)
This patented system provides the most energy-efficient and easy approach to charging groups of devices—no AC adapters needed! EarthWalk’s High Efficiency (HE) charging integrates a central power supply and control circuit board system to distribute simultaneous power to every device with up to 85% more energy efficiency than charging with AC Adapters. HE-Z charging cables can be easily swapped when devices are changed or updated and this system also allows multiple brands of devices to be stored and charged in one cart/station/locker.


3-year parts and labor


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