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EarthWalk’s FlexCart Series:
Get Total Flexibility to Create a
Custom Computer Cart to Your Specs

The FlexCart series of mobile computer carts are designed to deploy the maximum number of devices, even when classroom space is at a minimum, and provide extra storage for accessories. Available in 16 to 30 user models, the series features budget-minded, small footprint cart designs with many optional configurations. Solid construction using welded steel—as opposed to plastic materials—means our carts are durable and secure. And a horizontal storage design greatly reduces wear and tear of the devices.

FlexCart allows you to store, secure, charge and deploy laptops and Chromebooks as well as most Ultrabook, Netbook and Tablet devices.

Supports:ChromeCart OS logos

FlexCart Spec Sheet  arrow icon

16 to 30 Users
2-Column Design

Lab Dimensions

  • Work Surface Ht: 107.9 cm / 42.5”
  • Handle Ht: 113.03 cm / 44.5”
  • Width: 69.22 cm / 27.25”
  • Depth: 72.65 cm / 28.6”
  • Weight: Approx.* 81.65 kg / 180 Ibs.

* Empty weight—actual weight determined by configuration of system

Laptop* Compartment Dimensions

  • Width: 30.5 cm / 12”
  • Depth: 38.1 cm / 15”
  • Height:
    FC16 — 6.85 cm / 2.7″
    FC20 — 5.08 cm / 2.0″
    FC24 — 4.06 cm / 1.6″
    FC30 — 3.30 cm / 1.3″

* For smaller devices, speak to an EarthWalk representative regarding compartment sizes and options

Configuration Options

Laptop/Netbook/Tablet Charging Systems

Standard AC Charging System
For budget-minded consumers, EarthWalk labs can be configured with AC power outlets in each storage compartment for use with each device’s AC adapter. NOTE: When using AC adapters to charge devices’ internal batteries, it is possible that all devices may not simultaneously charge. Depending on your device, this solution may require an electric timer to safely switch between groups of devices to prevent overloading the electrical circuit.

Digital AC-SMART Switching System
Higher capacity systems of 24 users or more can be configured with EarthWalk’s Digital AC-SMART Switching system. This system can autosense the amount of electrical draw required by each device’s AC adapter and safely switch between groups of devices to prevent overloading the electrical circuit. The digital smart switching system will monitor and continue increasing the number of devices that are being simultaneously charged to help shorten the total lab charging cycle.

HE – High Efficiency Charging System
This patented charging system option provides the most energy-efficient approach to charging groups of laptops and Chromebooks. EarthWalk’s High Efficiency (HE) system integrates a central power supply and control circuit board system to distribute simultaneous charging power to every device. This method of charging is up to 85% more energy efficient than charging the same devices with their supplied AC adapters. This option also allows AC adapters to be freed-up for independent use outside the cart and eliminates the need for installing and uninstalling the AC adapters.

iSync – USB Sync & Charging for iPad
Select EarthWalk’s iSync package and create the perfect charging and synchronizing solution for your iPads or USB tablet devices. The iSync solution features a high efficiency central power supply system with a 16 port USB Sync/Charge circuit board. Additional iSync systems can be daisy-chained to increase system capacities. Pre-installed 30-pin or Lightning data cables in each storage compartment make iPad deployment and support super convenient.

Integrated Network Systems

Integrated Wireless Packages
EarthWalk carts can be custom configured to integrate additional wireless access points or router systems. This system can provide complete wireless access or help enhance your existing infrastructure by providing additional access as the wireless clients are moved from location to location. The system provides Ethernet uplink to the cart and any required hardwired to wireless switching component. EarthWalk can supply the wireless components or custom integrate any specific or existing electrical components your network may require.

Integrated Hardwired Ethernet Packages
Provide your IT staff with the tools and convenience they need to deploy and support your mobile computer clients. Choose the EarthWalk integrated Ethernet package and deliver remote imaging or software updates to all client machines while they are secured and charging inside the cart. This system includes the installation of all network cabling and switching in the lab of your choice and features accessible network uplinks, integrated 10/100/1000 Ethernet Switching, and an available Ethernet cable in each laptop storage slot. EarthWalk can supply or custom integrate any specific or existing electrical components your network may require.

Customized Graphic Options

Door & Cart Graphics (Optional)
FlexCart doors can be personalized showing either devices being stored or with your school logo, slogan, mascot or subject-related graphics. Complete custom cart wraps can also be done. Speak to an EarthWalk representative about these options or visit this page to see examples of cart art.

ChromeCart Storage Bins (Optional)
Provide additional secure storage for headphones and peripherals or use to deploy your Chromebooks in different areas or classrooms. Molded from strong, durable, industrial-grade polymers, Super-Size ChromeCart Bins are resistant to acid and alkali spills. Sturdy, one-piece construction is water-, rust- and corrosion-proof.

Bins available in blue, red or yellow

Lab Enhancement Options

  • Caster Upgrades
  • Custom Cart Art Graphics
  • Storage Bins
  • Rack-mount Modification Kits
  • Anti-Static Kit
  • Enhanced Security Kits
  • Extended Warranty Packages


  • Lifetime warranty on metal and structural components
  • 3-year warranty on electrical components

Please contact us for more information on these products:

E-mail Sales:
Toll Free:  1-888-213-4900 (U.S. domestic only)
International: +1-703-393-1940