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EarthWalk’s HE Power Management:
Patented High-Efficiency Charging
Without the Hassle of AC Adapters

EarthWalk has developed, engineered, and patented its High-Efficiency (HE) electrical power management systems to enable your mobile computer carts to operate and perform unlike any other solution available—integrated energy-efficient charging for laptop and Chromebook devices.

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The Last Charging System You Will Ever Need

Our new and innovative HE-Z system (the latest generation of our HE technology) saves time and money, via a two-part wiring design: One half of each cord is hard-wired into the carts/labs with a universal port that accepts connectors from any brand of device. The other half of each cord has device-specific connectors that fit into the hardwired ports. Plug & play interchangeable technology—no tools necessary; mix & match brands of devices in a single cart; no hassle with AC adapters; compatible with all data/energy connectors including USB-C. EASY peasy!

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EarthWalk’s patented High Efficiency (HE) technology is the world’s most energy-efficient approach to charging groups of laptops and Chromebooks. The HE charging system operates at up to 85% AC to DC conversion efficiency compared to charging computers’ batteries with the traditional AC adapters that come with the devices. This means much less electricity is needed to charge the same group of computer batteries, therefore saving a tremendous amount of electricity and electrical cost over the life span of the cart.
  • Does NOT require the use of traditional AC adapters
  • Pre-installed DC power sockets in each device compartment with brand- & model-specific detachable charging plugs allow a mix of devices in a single cart
  • Plug and Play—no set-up required
  • Integrated central power supply and distribution system
  • Simultaneous charging of all laptops/Chromebooks
  • No timers or switches needed
  • Save up to 85% in energy costs

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  • Entire system operates from a single, standard electrical outlet
  • 110 to 240 VAC, 47-63Hz
  • 85% efficient conversion/regulation
  • Forced convection cooling: approximately 2900Btu rejected heat
  • Automatic reset fuse on each recharge cable
  • 14-20VDC, assuring personnel safety
  • Safety Specification: UL 1012, TUV EN60950, IEC950 & UL1950 Pending
  • EMC Specification: CISPR22 (EN55022) Class B, IEC801-1,2,3,4; IEC 555-2 Pending

3 Years Parts & Labor

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