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Cart-free Device Deployment—Perfect for Classes on the Move and Testing

EarthWalk’s Multi-Laptop and Chromebook charger stations. When space is at a premium—and you also want portable, high-efficiency (HE) charging—this is the solution. No AC adapters needed! Our patented HE technology is up to 85% more energy efficient than charging the same devices with their supplied adapters. We are the sole source for this technology.

HE PowerHub

HE Power Hub | This is a plug-and-play system: no set-up required. Simultaneous charging of all devices with no timers or switches needed. Ideal solution for testing—never lose power. Perform maintenance and updates to multiple devices all at once […MORE].
Up to 16 laptops | Up to 32 Chromebooks
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EarthWalk’s PowerHub is completely portable, so all-day use is no problem—deploy wherever your devices are used.

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