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Beyond Basic Carts

EarthWalk offers a range of specialty items, some of which include:

  • Cart graphics—Choose to have just the cart doors covered or have entire carts wrapped with your district/school’s branding or with a specific theme or message
  • Heavy-duty and secure device storage and charging labs—These can be anchored to walls or floors and are great for facilities and libraries having a large number of devices
  • Medical diagnostics—Specifically designed for mobile and rugged environments

Whatever your storage, charging, device and budget requirements may be, please contact us and we can customize a solution that will work for you.

Lenovo COW sample

Custom Graphics

Cart Art sample

Cart Art | Customize any EarthWalk cart, lab or door(s) by incorporating a unique decal or total graphic wrap design using the same durable adhesive vinyl that is typically used in automobile branding/wraps.

  • Promote your school/district with an emblem or logo
  • Display a world map, periodic table, historic timeline and figures, etc.
  • Customize labs for specific school courses, ie. art, language, math, science, technology
  • Conduct a design contest in your school for a cart graphic created by your student body
  • Give businesses an opportunity to sponsor your school’s mobile labs; i.e. Cows for Kids corporate sponsorships

Art File Spec’s for small chassis cart skins  arrow icon
(Models include MiniMax 18-40, FlexCart 16 and ChromeCart CC32V / CC30+ / CC40)

Art File Spec’s for Doors only arrow icon
(For left door only, when a full cart wrap is not done. Small and large chassis models, which includes MiniMax, FlexCart, ChromeCart. Also includes specs for our Saver Series 30/ChromeCart Jr. door)

NOTE: Accepted graphic files need to be large, high-resolution graphic formats (preferably Adobe Illustrator vector files) suitable for print. THIS WEB LINK has a really good explanation of graphic files and how gifs and pngs can not be used for print.

Samples of custom graphics on carts:

Samples of custom graphics on doors only:

Stationary Labs

Cart Art sample

Ensemble | The Ensemble series adds security and storage space to learning environments with both limited and broad square footage. These stackable modules can be custom-configured either as mobile carts by adding casters, or provide stationary counter-top security and charging for small spaces.

But Ensemble can also be stacked in height and width for libraries and facilities having a large number of devices. Available with integrated charging systems, storage drawers, laminate tops and color options […MORE].
Ensemble Spec Sheet  arrow icon

Mobile Medical Kits

Cart Art sample

Mobile Medic Diagnostic Kit | The Mobile Medic Diagnostic Kit (M2DK) incorporates the EarthWalk MCA medical tablet, keyboard, and many other features that can be used in the field for various diagnostic purposes. All of the components seamlessly integrate medical data into almost all EMR systems, keeping healthcare professionals current with up-to-the-minute patient records.

  • Data can be electronically sent in real-time via wireless connection.
  • This package is available in either a soft or hard carrying case.
  • This small and compact kit is ideal for tactical and traveling medical professionals.
  • Rugged design—it’s drop-resistant from up to 3 feet and can be disinfected.
  • Large, integrated touch screen
  • Allows for battery replacement without turning off the device

The M2DK brings together multiple diagnostic tools in a small convenient case at a fraction of the price of individual diagnostic equipment sold separately—saving medical providers space and money.

Some features with the M2DK are the following:

  • 12 channel EKG
  • Spirometer
  • Blood pressure cuff
  • Pulse oximeter (SpO2)
  • Optional add-on Ultrasound Probe
  • Etc. (other USB compatible medical equipment)

M2DK Spec Sheet  arrow icon

Please contact us for more information on these products:

E-mail Sales:  sales@earthwalk.com
Toll Free:  1-888-213-4900 (U.S. domestic only)
International: +1-703-393-1940

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