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Specialty Items

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Beyond Basic Carts

EarthWalk offers specialty items ranging from custom cart graphics (choose to have just the cart doors covered or have entire carts wrapped with your school’s branding or with a specific theme or message), heavy-duty and secure laptop storage and charging labs (which can be anchored to walls or floors), as well as devices specifically designed for mobile medical diagnostics.

Lenovo COW sample
Cart Art pic
Cart Art | Customize any EarthWalk cart or lab by incorporating a unique decal or total graphic wrap design using the same durable adhesive vinyl that is typically used in automobile branding/wraps.

  • Decal cart with school emblem or logo
  • Display a world map, periodic table, historic timeline and figures, etc.
  • Customize labs for specific school courses, ie. Art, Language, Math, Science
  • Conduct a design contest for your school, designed by your student body
  • Give businesses an opportunity to sponsor your school’s mobile labs; i.e. Cows for Kids corporate sponsorships

Art File Spec’s for small chassis cart skins  arrow icon
(Models include MiniMax 18-40, FlexCart 16 and ChromeCart CC32V / CC30+ / CC40)

Art File Spec’s for Doors only arrow icon
(For left door only, when a full cart wrap is not done. Small and large chassis models, which includes MiniMax, FlexCart, ChromeCart. Also includes specs for our Saver Series 30/ChromeCart Jr. door)

Samples of custom graphics on carts:

Samples of custom graphics on doors only:

Mobile Medic Diagnostic Kit
Mobile Medic Diagnostic Kit | The Mobile Medic Diagnostic Kit (M2DK) incorporates the EarthWalk MCA medical tablet, keyboard, and many other features that can be used in the field for various diagnostic purposes. All of the components seamlessly integrate medical data into almost all EMR systems, keeping healthcare professionals current with up-to-the-minute patient records.

  • Data can be electronically sent in real-time via wireless connection.
  • This package is available in either a soft or hard carrying case.
  • This small and compact kit is ideal for tactical and traveling medical professionals.
  • Rugged design—it’s drop-resistant from up to 3 feet and can be disinfected.
  • Large, integrated touch screen
  • Allows for battery replacement without turning off the device

The M2DK brings together multiple diagnostic tools in a small convenient case at a fraction of the price of individual diagnostic equipment sold separately—saving medical providers space and money.

Some features with the M2DK are the following:

  • 12 channel EKG
  • Spirometer
  • Blood pressure cuff
  • Pulse oximeter (SpO2)
  • Optional add-on Ultrasound Probe
  • Etc. (other USB compatible medical equipment)

M2DK Spec Sheet  arrow icon

SafeCase Fixed Lab

The EarthWalk SafeCase™ provides maximum security, protection, and functionality available for laptop classroom deployment. Made of high strength, 14mm gauge steel, the SafeCase™ securely mounts to most wall or floor surfaces.


  • High Efficiency Power Management (HE™)- Only EarthWalk wireless mobile computer labs can simultaneously charge ALL laptops, power wireless access points as well as ALL additional peripherals from ONE standard wall outlet
  • The SafeCase can store, secure and charge up to eight (8) eBuddy™ semi-rugged laptops (or most major brands of laptops/notebooks)
  • BatteryBay Charging System Technology™ allows users to quickly and effortlessly “quick-swap” their laptop batteries. As a laptop battery becomes depleted, a used battery can be easily swapped out for a recharged one – allowing for continuous eBuddy™ laptop use.
  • SideKick PowerPack batteries provide enough power for ALL DAY laptop use. The battery chemistry is earth-friendly, will not catch fire, and will last for up to 5 years!
  • Solid weld, 14 gauge steel chasis providing superior strength and durability
  • Individual charging plugs for each laptop for simplified cord management
  • Safely & Security: Every SafeCase is designed to securely anchor to any classroom wall or floor, and comes with a unique bolt-action, locking door.
  • Total turn-key solution integrates with existing networks and/or Internet access, VSAT and satellite communication

SafeCase Spec Sheet  arrow icon

SafeCase External Battery Power Options:

PowerStation Charging System with 8 SideKick PowerPack Batteries

  • Entire system integrates wit the SafeCase 8
  • 110 to 130 VAC, 47-63Hz / multi-voltage configurations available
  • 80% efficient conversion/regulation
  • Current limited to 2.5 A DC assuring equipment safety
  • DC cooling fan
  • Rejected heat of approximately 1400 Bty charging interface

SideKick PowerPack Batteries

  • Powers most brands of laptops
  • 120Watts of DC power
  • 12-24V DC assuring personnel safety
  • Automatic thermostat protects against over-charging
  • Over 1,000 cycles with up to 8 hours of use for up to 5 years

BatteryBay Charging Drawer*

*For use with eBuddy semi-rugged laptops only
This 8-bay BatteryBay charging system is housed in a retractable bearing slide drawer with LED indicators for charging status. The BatteryBay charging system enables continuous laptop operation by simultaneously recharging up to 8 EarthWalk Lithium-Ion laptop batteries in each drawer. Users can have a spare battery recharging and continue working by performing a “quick-swap” when internal laptop battery is depleted.

  • Entire system integrates into the SafeCase
  • 110 to 130 VAC, 47-63Hz / multi-voltage configurations available
  • 80% efficient conversion / regulation
  • Forced convection cooling / Approximately 2900Btu rejected heat
  • 20VDC assuring personnel safety
  • Current limited to 6AMP insuring equipment safety
  • Safety Specification: UL 1012, TUV EN60950, IEC950 & UL1950 Pending
  • EMC Specification: CISPR22 (EN55022) Class B, IEC801-1,2,3,4; IEC 555-2 Pending

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