Building on the best integration of technology tools with creative educational strategies provides clear and consistent skills to help prepare students for college, career, and life.

Years of consulting directly with school districts has motivated EarthWalk to develop solutions that not only help schools with their testing requirements, but also provide them the ability to use their computer equipment more effectively throughout the entire year. Digital learning tools increase teachers’ access to a variety of material and those tools can help to increase student achievement catered to each individual’s needs.

Below are some of the concerns that we hear from IT Departments across the country. If your district is experiencing any of these issues, feel free to contact your EarthWalk representative for assistance or an exchange of ideas.

IT professionals want:

  • cable management
  • space to provide computer access for students
  • funds to purchase new technology
  • to eliminate worrying about devices’ batteries failing in the middle of testing
  • ease of deployment
  • to save time by bringing the devices to classrooms
  • no setup required—carts that are plug-and-play, ready to go are what’s needed
  • devices to be powered during the day and avoid battery power loss

How EarthWalk can help:


Our HE-Z Charging system (high-efficiency made easy) is the next generation of our patented HE system and provides adapter-free, plug-and-play, all-day charging to devices at a lower cost than standard AC adapter charging. What’s innovative about this?

  • HE-Z is a 2-part system: (1) a hard-wired charging cord and (2) a device-specific pigtail (or connector) that is accessible via the front of our carts/stations.
  • HE-Z enables multiple brands of devices to be stored & charged in one cart/station.
  • HE-Z makes device updates easy and economical: simply change the pigtail that coordinates with the new device(s).
  • Our HE PowerHub is a portable solution for charging laptops and Chromebooks anywhere instruction or testing takes place.
  • Cable management is a breeze with our organized pre-wired cable installation and when HE charging is utilized there is no need to use AC adapters.

Carts & Stations

EarthWalk patented the technology for mobile carts—allowing for the integration of technology in classrooms, libraries, labs…wherever devices are needed. We also offer stations and labs that can be wall-mounted or fit onto a table/counter.

  • Our carts and stations can be pre-wired for easy integration and cable management.
  • We have a variety of carts and stations to fit space restrictions as well as budgets.
  • Our carts and stations are durable, with some models having welded-steel construction and our very portable eXpress case series is waterproof, dust/sand-proof and able to withstand extreme temperature changes (we have three different models, depending upon the size and type of devices you have).

Global State of Digital Learning in K-12 Education report

Schoology conducted a survey of more than 2,800 educational professionals in 2017 regarding digital learning in K-12 education across the globe (most respondents were within the United States). Their report, “The Global State of Digital Learning in K-12 Education,” is a comprehensive list of information ranging from challenges and strategies to professional development and tools. How does your school compare?

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