EarthWalk has worked directly with schools for more than 20 years and we have learned a few things along the way. We know that no matter if you are preparing for standardized testing, a 1-to-1 deployment, or implementing new digital systems, there are two major challenges that always come up: Time and Money. How long will this project take and how much will it cost? At EarthWalk we have spent the last two decades designing solutions that reduce the time it takes to deploy, maintain and support computing devices and also reduce the cost of ownership and operation. How?

Time: EarthWalk knows that time is critical, especially in the demanding world of education. To help maximize your time:

  • EarthWalk solutions are built specifically to your technology and budget requirements, providing ready-to-use integrated solutions with little or no on-site setup required.
  • Advanced integrated battery charging technologies can manage the electrical efficiency and requirements of your systems.
  • Everyday operation and maintenance is quick and easy by using modular designed components that can be easily changed or upgraded.

Money: School budgets are continuously forced to stretch further and further. In order to ensure you get the resources you need while staying within budget, EarthWalk

  • custom designs and builds systems to fit your needs. Don’t pay for features you won’t use or get caught buying additional “add-ons” after the fact.
  • designs, manufactures, and supports the products it manufactures. We keep everything in house to keep the cost down and make contacting the supplier easy and convenient.
  • partners with industry leaders like Google, Lenovo, HP, and Intel. If we find a product that we can’t make better or more affordable ourselves, we partner with the manufacturer to bring it to you at an affordable price.

E-mail Sales:
Toll Free:  1-888-213-4900 (U.S. domestic only)
International: +1-703-393-1940