HE-PD Charging System

Pre-wired, integrated USBC-PD

EarthWalk’s high-efficiency (HE-PD), USBC-PD charging system provides simultaneous charging power to most USBC devices. Features adapter-free, USBC charging connections in the front of the cart or station, with cable management in back. Simultaneous battery charging provides lower energy costs and balanced charging to all devices. Pre-wired and ready to deploy means none of the wiring headaches for you. 

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Auto-sensing, multi-port USBC-PD technology determines voltage needed by each device and helps reduce heat during charging—increasing the lifespan of the device batteries.

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USBC prewired charging system



  • Charges just about any USBC device—allows different brands and models of devices to be used in the same cart or station
  • Plug-n-play: No set up required
  • Integrated USBC-PD central power supply and distribution system with intelligent power allocation
  • Certified USBC to USBC charging cables with E-chip
  • Hot-plug, auto-sense detection—5v | 9v | 12v | 15v | 20v
  • HEPD Intelli-charge system reduces heat during charging and increases lifespan of batteries
  • FCC/CE/UL rated electrical power system
  • Simultaneous charging of all devices
  • No AC adapters, timers or switches needed

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