shared devices in businesses can harbor germs

EarthWalk has spent the past 25 years designing and delivering innovative educational technology tools to teach students more effectively. Now we are making some of that technology available to businesses in a variety of industries.

We recognized the need for clean devices is necessary in more than just the educational sector. Once a shift is over, do you have a secure place to store and charge your tablets and Chromebooks? What about a plan to keep harmful bacteria and pathogen exposure away from staff and customers?

Whether devices are used as a point of sale, out in the field or by multiple employees in a warehouse or restaurant, those surfaces become breeding grounds for germs and bacteria. According to experts, pathogens and viruses can remain on surfaces for extended periods of times—and shared with anyone who comes in contact with these surfaces.

EarthWalk’s CleanZone station can secure, charge and disinfect up to 16 devices at one time, ensuring your technology investment—and staff—stay safe.

The CleanZone system sanitizes devices with ozone, reaching all surfaces within the station at once and more efficiently than with UV.

The FDA, USDA and EPA have approved ozone as an antimicrobial disinfectant; ozone kills 99.9% of pathogens on surfaces—including viruses and bacteria such as the common cold.

Ozone is generated inside our sealed carts and stations; once the ozone generator has completed its cycle of sanitizing, the ozone gas dissipates back to oxygen.

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Secure Your Devices

The SaverSeries 16-W is a sleek metal cabinet with locking front and top doors. Rubber-coated dividers keep devices organized and protected. Meets ANSAI/BIFMA standards and can be pre-wired with a variety of charging systems.

SaverSeries 16-W Details

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