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Charging carts for all types of devices

Since 1996, EarthWalk has worked tirelessly to develop and provide the industry’s most comprehensive selection of mobile computer labs for charging and securely storing classroom devices: laptops, Chromebooks, iPads and tablets. Any of our carts can be pre-wired, saving you time and headaches.

With EarthWalk you are sure to find the solution that fits your specific budget and technology needs. We provide customer and technical support here in America and many of our products are made in America. Plus we offer CleanZone device sanitation as an option for some of our carts and stations; ozone technology kills 99.9% of germs, viruses and bacteria on all surfaces efficiently and at one time.

Our carts support all operating systems:
Five computer operating systems logos

MiniMax charging cart


Up to 48 Devices
Charging Options
Device Disinfection Option


Up to 36 Devices
Charging Options
Device Disinfection

FlexCart 24, angle view


Up to 30 Devices
Charging Options
Storage Shelf


Up to 45 Devices
Charging Options
Storage Shelf & Bin Options


Up to 24 High-powered Devices
Charging Options
LED Lighting
Custom Team Graphics

Ensemble iPad & tablet module with drawer


Up to 20 Devices
Charging Options
Mobile or Stationary
Stackable Modules


Up to 48 Devices
Charging Options
Vertical Device Storage

Cart Options

device decontamination


Optional device decontamination

Cart Art

Cart Art

Custom graphics (school/team logo)


Rugged plastic storage

Anti-Static Kit

Eliminates electrical static

iSoft Shelf Liners

Industrial-grade felt protection

Anti-theft Systems

Additional locking & security

Castor Options

Upgrades to wheels

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Toll Free:  1-888-213-4900 (U.S. domestic only)
International: +1-703-393-1940