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Tablet Carts: Secure Storage,
Device Decontamination and Charging Options

EarthWalk offers a variety of tablet charging carts and lab solutions that can be customized for your specific device and classroom needs, providing secure storage and charging. Over the past few years, the education community has succeed in obtaining the 1-to-1 computer-to-student ratio it has sought for many years. Whether iOS-, Android-, or Windows-based, multimedia tablets play a major role in achieving this goal. EarthWalk carts are built to last, with welded-steel construction, durable wheels, locking front and rear access doors and a variety of charging options. With our innovative CleanZone device decontamination system upgrade, you can efficiently sanitize all of the devices within the cart/station while also charging them.

We also offer pre-wired options to save you time, and this includes USB-C power delivery adapters. Future-proof your device storage with this latest charging technology.

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What can we build for you?

EarthWalk V-series tablet cart

Tablet Carts

Need a mobile solution for your tablet storage and charging? Choose from EarthWalk’s wide selection of tablet carts. Dozens of custom-built styles, brands and features are currently available.

V-Series iCart

SaverSeries | Designed to save you space, time, energy and money, the SaverSeries (available in several mobile and stationary models) stores, secures, charges and deploys up to 32 devices without taking up a lot of space. Accommodates devices with screen sizes of 14″ or less and devices up to 1″ thick. Steel construction with locking front and rear door panels […MORE]. 16-32 Tablets
SaverSeries Specs  arrow icon

V-Series iCart

MiniMax | This series of mobile computer labs are designed to deploy the maximum number of devices when classroom space is at a minimum. These carts feature premium, welded steel construction with budget-minded, small-footprint cart designs and optional configurations—including device decontamination—ensuring that even your largest classes are covered and connected […MORE]. 24-40 Tablets
MiniMax Spec Sheet  arrow icon

V-Series iCart

V-Series | EarthWalk’s V-Series (VC32 and VC48) features vertical device storage, high security, welded-steel construction with a small footprint and optional custom upgrades to fit your specific needs. The VC32 model has a peripheral storage shelf […MORE]. 32-48 Tablets
V-Series Spec Sheet  arrow icon

V-Series iCart

Ensemble | Ensemble features one of the world’s smallest cart footprints and includes locking storage drawer with laminate top to provide an additional student work surface for your classrooms. Modules can be stacked, offering a variety of options […MORE]20-40 Tablets
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We secure best-price deals with several top-tier technology companies for additional Tablet carts and labs, so contact one of our solution specialists to see what we have available. Some of our partners:

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Tablet Cart Accessories

V-Series iCart

Device Decontamination  | EarthWalk’s CleanZone option, using ozone to sanitize, is available in two of our existing product lines; charging systems can also be included in the disinfection cart or station. And unlike UV systems, ozone can penetrate all areas of the devices within our carts/stations.

V-Series iCart

Caster Upgrades | Your mobile carts can be customized to fit your specific needs. EarthWalk offers a full selection of industrial-grade casters featuring larger sizes, locking mechanisms and more durable materials. Let your solution specialist help select the “Glide & Ride” that is perfect for you.

V-Series iCart

Storage Bins | Provide additional secure storage for headphones and peripherals or use to deploy your Chromebooks in different areas or classrooms. Molded from strong, durable, industrial-grade polymers, Super-Size ChromeCart Bins are resistant to acid and alkali spills. Sturdy, one-piece construction is water-, rust- and corrosion-proof. Color choices: Royal Blue, Red, Yellow.

V-Series iCart

Anti-Static Kit | Help eliminate static electricity build-up and provide better “grounding” for your cart in dry, arid climates. These versatile magnetic assemblies have attached grounding chains and can enhance any EarthWalk mobile cart.

V-Series iCart

iSoft Shelf Liners | Provide extra padding and protection for your computing devices with the EarthWalk iSoft shelf liner system. Includes adhesive-backed, industrial-grade felt lining and custom installation. Available for any model of EarthWalk lab system.

V-Series iCart

Anti-Theft Security Systems | EarthWalk carts can be customized to include additional locking and anti-theft systems. If advanced security is a concern for your district, let your EarthWalk solution specialist assist you in designing the lab that can provide you piece-of-mind by protecting your IT investment.

V-Series iCart

Cart Art | Customize any EarthWalk cart or lab by incorporating a unique decal or total graphic wrap design using the same durable adhesive vinyl that is typically used in automobile branding/wraps.

  • Decal cart with school emblem or logo
  • Display a world map, periodic table, historic timeline and figures, etc.
  • Customize labs for specific school courses, ie. Art, Language, Math, Science
  • Conduct a design contest for your school, designed by your student body
  • Give businesses an opportunity to sponsor your school’s mobile labs; i.e. Cows for Kids corporate sponsorships

Art File Spec’s for small chassis cart skins  arrow icon
(Models include MiniMax 24-40, FlexCart 24 and ChromeCart CC32V / CC30+ / CC40)

Art File Spec’s for Doors only arrow icon
(For left door only, when a full cart wrap is not done. Small and large chassis models, which includes MiniMax, FlexCart, ChromeCart. Also includes specs for our SaverSeries 26 & 30 and SaverSeries 32 & 36—ChromeCart Jr. doors and the top banner portion of the SS16-W station)

NOTE: Accepted graphic files need to be large, high-resolution graphic formats (preferably Adobe Illustrator vector files) suitable for print. THIS WEB LINK has a really good explanation of graphic files and how gifs and pngs can not be used for print.

Samples of custom graphics on carts:

Sample cart art

Samples of custom graphics on doors only:

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