Charging for All Types of Devices

Since 1996, EarthWalk has worked tirelessly to develop and provide the industry’s most comprehensive selection of carts and stations for charging, syncing and securely storing classroom devices: laptops, Chromebooks, iPads and tablets. Choose from any of our custom “built-to-order” product series, which are organized on our website by the devices they are made to accommodate.

With EarthWalk you are sure to find the solution that fits your specific needs.

Our carts support all operating systems:   Five computer operating systems logos


From integrated pre-wired and patented High-Efficiency charging systems (including our front-access HE-Z system) to basic AC outlets, EarthWalk has customized laptop and tablet charging solutions which can be custom-built according to your needs and budget, providing many different options.


All-day testing? No problem. Check out the multiple options to get power to your devices.  Some can even be integrated right into your carts and stations.

New HE-Z Technology

EarthWalk’s latest charging solution, HE-Z, is a game-changer when it comes to saving you time and money. This is a flexible, 2-part system: (1) Each device slot in the cart/lab has one half of the charging cord hard-wired into the cart with an accessible universal DC power socket. (2) Device-specific pigtails (or connectors) fit into the universal, hard-wired power socket. Device-specific connectors fit into the hardwired power sockets, so you can have a mix of device brands in one cart/lab. Easy to upgrade devices, no tools necessary, no adapters needed and compatible with all data/energy connectors including USB-C.  Find a rep to get more info.

Check out the YouTube videos below to see how simple it is to install device-specific “pigtails” into the hard-wired power sockets and how EASILY you can change or update devices without having to update your carts. NOTE: The video examples are shown with our SaverSeries cart.

VIDEO 1: Attach the device-specific pigtail connector to the hardwired socket
VIDEO 2: Place device into its slot and easily attach the pigtail/dongle into the charging port/socket
VIDEO 3: Easily change devices stored in the cart by simply removing the device and its charging pigtail/dongle

H-EZ charging system flyer

Check out the benefits of High-Efficiency (HE) Charging


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