AC-Smart Switching System

The AC-Smart Switch and AC-Smart Bar 10 are designed to distribute power where it’s needed for smarter power consumption

AC-Smart Switch

AC-Smart Swtich

The AC-Smart Switch senses power consumption and distributes power where it’s needed to prevent circuit overload

This system monitors electrical consumption and allows for the charging of laptop and Chromebook batteries with no manual switching or timer required.

AC-Smart decreases heat and electrical stress while proportionally distributing power to where it is needed.

AC-Smart Bar 10

AC-Smart Bar 10

10-outlet power strip

This zig-zag design ensures there is no blockage of sockets

The AC-Smart Bar 10 is an EarthWalk-manufactured 10-outlet AC power bar with an offset outlet alignment which provides additional spacing when needed for larger AC supplies and adapters.

Number of power bars needed is determined by the number of devices to be charged in each cart.

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