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iPad Charging Stations

Save floor space while still charging and
securely storing your iPads.

When class size and floor space are limited, we recognize the need for other solutions: wall-mounted or desktop charging stations and lockers as well as small, portable, cart-free charging stations for testing and outside-the-classroom experiences.

We also offer pre-wired options to save you time, and this includes USB-C power delivery adapters. Future-proof your device storage with this latest charging technology.

Ensemble 2-stacked ipad/tablet station

SaverSeries 16-W

SaverSeries 16-W | Designed to save you space, time, energy and money, the SaverSeries 16-W stores, secures, charges and deploys up to 16 devices without taking up a lot of space. Accommodates devices with screen sizes of 14″ or less and devices up to 1″ thick. Steel construction with locking front and top-access door panels […MORE]. 16 iPads
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Ensemble module for iPad & tablet

Ensemble | The Ensemble series adds security and storage space to learning environments with limited square footage. These stackable table-top modules can provide stationary security and charging. They can be deployed side by side and are available with integrated charging systems, storage drawers, laminate tops and color options […MORE].
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iCharge 10

iCharge | The i-Charge-10 features ten USB ports that allow you to plug in multiple USB devices at one time. Intelligent chip control auto-detects currents and chooses the best current up to 2.4 Amps full-rate charge per device. No overheating, no short circuits. The i-Charge-10 can be integrated into your favorite EarthWalk cart or utilized as a convenient accessory on its own for any classroom.
Up to 10 iPads
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10-Tablet Table Top | Designed for K–12 learning environments, the tabletop/countertop Store-and-Charge Station makes it easy to keep tablets and e-readers organized, available, fully charged, and ready for classroom use. 10 iPads
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Zip12 Charging Wall Cabinet

Zip12 Charging Wall Cabinet | This slim storage cabinet protrudes less than 6″ from the wall, but securely stores and charges up to 12 iPads, tablets & Chromebooks up to 12″ screen size. Uses AC adapters that come with your devices. Includes wall-mounting bracket and mounting hardware. 12 iPads
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We secure best-price deals with several top-tier technology companies for additional iPad stations and lockers as well as accessory products, so contact one of our solution specialists to see what we have available. Some of our partners:

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