Network solutions

We can provide you with reliable data and communication network technologies.

  • Industrial grade, integrated IEEE 802.11b/g/n wireless routing
  • Optimized for classroom use—up to 36 simultaneous users
  • Upgrades available for extended range, connectivity and throughput
  • EarthWalk carts can integrate your existing wireless products/systems
  • FCC/CE/ETS approved

This multifaceted network option provides integrated 10/100/1000 Ethernet Switching and CAT6 Ethernet cables alongside the DC power cord in each device storage slot, which when connected to a device, allows for a hardwired network connection. This package allows network administrators to facilitate  maintenance and to perform such activities as installation/re-imaging of operating systems as well as pushing software updates.

  • Integrated hardwired 10/100/1000 switching
  • Dedicated Ethernet (CAT6) cable in each device slot
  • Allows for updates and/or re-imaging via network broadcast while devices are safely stored inside the carts*
  • Custom integration packages available
*NOTE: To utilize this feature, the laptops used in the mobile lab system must be capable of Wake-On-LAN (WOL) with the lid closed. Check with your laptop manufacturer to verify WOL with lid closed capability.

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2U Rack Mounted eServer

The EarthWalk 2U eServer manages your network environment, supporting basic file/print, small databases, e-mail/internet gateways, firewall and more—it offers the confidence and reliability you’ve come to expect from an enterprise server. Configured with the latest Intel technology, this 2U eServer offers the power to participate in the Internet world of today, and the bandwidth to support future needs.

We custom-build to each customer’s specifications. Contact us to discuss your options.

1U Rack Mounted Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS)

The EarthWalk (EW) 1U Rack Mounted UPS provides intelligent and reliable power backup for your SmartCart32 wireless mobile computer lab. Its slim 1U design provides line interactive battery backup, while taking up minimal space and leaving ample room for other eServer Kit Components. Powerful 1200VA/600W power handling and UPS battery support allows users to work through short blackouts or safely shut down systems without loss of active data during longer power outages. The UPS has 4 AVR-protected outlets, and simple diagnostic LEDs (Fault/Line/Bat) and a built-in RS232 serial port for more detailed diagnostics using the included power management software.

1U Rack Mounted LCD/Keyboard Drawer

The EarthWalk (EW) 1U Rack Mounted LCD/Keyboard Drawer is the perfect space-saving component solution for creating an instructor workstation or an administrator control console. Its slim and compact industrial design combines a spectacular display and a keyboard with built-in pointing device in a compact unit that measures only 1U in height. Occupying a fraction of the space of traditional monitor and keyboard units, the installation of this component leaves ample space for other EW eServer Kit Components.

We secure best-price deals with several top-tier technology companies for a variety of network products, so contact one of our sales reps to see what we have available. Some of our partners:

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