Solar Energy for Education

EarthWalk has been an educational technology provider for more than 20 years. Our innovations have focused on mobile, wireless charging carts and most recently on our patented HE (high-efficiency) charging system, which saves energy while providing uninterrupted power to devices without the use of timers, switches or AC adapters.

The next generation of EarthWalk’s technology offering is one that will take us—and schools—into the future: Solar Power.

Our population is increasing and educators are implementing technology in the classrooms in larger quantities, particularly as one-to-one device deployment has become the norm. The draw on our power grid keeps growing, and costs for budget-strapped school districts keep rising. Electricity is being used to not only charge thousands of devices in carts, but to power lights, servers, peripheral devices, and to generate heating and cooling.

We have a solution that will cut costs, requires no money up front and is a sustainable, renewable source of energy for years to come: SOLARWALK.

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EarthWalk has partnered with solar experts, whose trailblazing and respected ideas have been patented and implemented for almost 40 years. SolarWalk is a solar panel carport system that provides an affordable, renewable power solution to lower electrical costs while still working with your county’s electrical infrastructure—and saving you up to 40% on your energy expenses.

SolarWalk is a turn-key solar developer solution that provides lower electrical costs; it’s durable, reliable, sustainable. And we take care of everything.

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The solar power generated replaces about half of the electricity provided by your current utility company at up to 40% less cost.

kWh = kilowatt hours
MW = MegaWatt

*Rates vary by state. Source: Choose Energy

Solar Energy: a sustainable, renewable source of electricity to power our future

Take control of your power costs and lock in to 25 years of low electricity rates while committing to sustainable energy and a smaller carbon footprint. SolarWalk is the way to do it, and we are here to get you started.

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