Long-term (Summer) Storage of Sidekick PowerPack Batteries

The best course of action concerning long-term storage or non-use of SideKick PowerPack batteries (i.e., summer school break) is to leave them plugged in and charging. Once the SideKick batteries are charged, very little power is consumed while they are on “trickle charge”—meaning the batteries cannot be over-charged. If it’s not possible to leave the mobile labs or eChargers plugged in, the batteries should be fully charged before being unplugged. At this point they should last between 3-5 weeks before they will need to be recharged again.

NOTE: If the voltage of the batteries drops below a certain point, the internal charging boards will not have enough power to initiate the charging process. In this case, the batteries would need to be returned to EarthWalk to be “jump started.”

Powering Up SideKick PowerPacks 
When SideKick PowerPacks do get unplugged for a few days (for example, the room is to be cleaned or painted), you need to make certain that the switch on the back of the mobile lab cart or the eCharger is in the “OFF” position, then plug in the mobile lab cart or eCharger, and then set the switch to the “ON” position.

For additional information/questions, please contact EW Technical Support