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Syncing iPads using iTunes:
This user guide will show the specific instructions regarding how to setup the Ergotron cart or desktop module to sync iPads using iTunes. iTunes can be running on a Mac or a PC – there are no differences in how it is set up to work. The Ergotron Modules or Carts successfully synced up to 48 iPads using a PC running iTunes with absolutely no problems. Ergotron Tablet Management Carts will work great to provide the iPad syncing functionality you need.

Helpful Hint: Syncing will operate most efficiently if the master computer is rebooted right before syncing. Syncing with iTunes can will cause the computer (Mac or PC) to bog down. It isn’t noticeable when syncing a few devices, but is noticeable when syncing more than a couple units. If you don’t reboot before syncing, it will still work, but it will take 2-3 times longer than if rebooting is done first.

Syncing Limitations: There is some confusion on the limitations for syncing with a PC as Apple states you can only download a paid app/music file/book/etc onto 5 devices. If you are syncing “paid” apps/music files/books/etc onto more than 5 devices, then your school will need to look into Apple’s Volume Purchase Program. However, free apps/music/books have no syncing limits.

PDF of Syncing iPads using iTunes

VIDEOS: Installing power bricks into EarthWalk’s carts, using AC Smart power management system

1. Ziptie Prep

2. Cord Length

3. Velcro

4. AC Power

5. Ziptie on Shelf

6. Brick on Shelf

7. Plug in Power Brick AC Cords

8. Bundle Wires in Rear of Cart

VIDEO: Ensemble divider cable attachment